chelsea market

The Chelsea market was in use as a cookie factory as of 1890. The famous Oreo cookies were invented here. Nowadays, it’s an awesome food mall.

The nicest thing about Chelsea market is the combination of shopping and delicious food. Don’t not expect food stalls, but restaurants where you can sit down any time of the day and have some great food.

The combination of shopping, delicious food, and the atmosphere make Chelsea market definitely worth a visit!

Coco opted for the lobster bar and took the delicious sushi that is prepared right in front of you, recommended!

PS, you are looking for a nice area to go out ... you can also find it here! The Tipler is a cocktail lounge in the basement of the Chelsea market and is one of the buzzling places in New York where you can have a delicious cocktail in a great setting!


Address: 425 West 15th street, New York

(+1) 212 652 2110