New York

“It's up to you, New York, New Yoooooooork!” The city that never sleeps, a true must-visit for Meet Coco!

New York is bustling 24 x 7, giving you an enormous boost! Due to the time difference, you often wake up way too early and start the day with just turning on the tv. Gooooooooodmorning Americaaaa! So what do you do? Get a Starbucks coffee. There is one on every corner. That's how you start your day.

Museums, nightlife, live TV shows, shopping, Freedom Tower, there is so much something to do in this city. Put your sneakers on, buy a cup of coffee, and walk around Manhattan like a true New Yorker. Don’t forget to change your sneakers for your pumps, which you obviously keep in your handbag, when you approach that cool bar in Chelsea :-)

The nice thing about this city is that everything is so recognizable from the movies. It feels as if you have already been here before! Meet Coco's favourite is Bryant park between the skyscrapers. And Soho, Greenwich, Nolita, Meatpacking district ... well ... everything rocks!