kampa park

Prague is feast for the eyes, but where can you enjoy that spectacular view best when you are there? Try Kampa Park! This restaurant has been around for many years and the place to go for special events. Not cheap, but hey, it’s worth it.

It has a delicious international menu, stylish interior and a " to- die-for" view! It is located next to the famous Charles Bridge and is frequented by many international stars such as Bruce Willis, Matt Damon, Bill Clinton and many others. So in case you want to spot some stars, well, maybe you get lucky! All in all, put this restaurant is on your list, you will not regret it.

Next to Kampa Park is the Hergetova Cihelna. This restaurant has the same owner with the same view and is slightly cheaper. Enjoy!

Address: Na Kampe 8b, Praag 1

Tel: + 420 296 826 102