One of the nicest districts in Prague is Vinohrady (or Prague 2) which is just outside the centre.

Most of the famous sightseeing is in Prague 1. But, if you do have time left, stroll around this district and dine at the Italian restaurant Aromi!

This restaurant has been around since the spring of 2005 and is known for their delicious Italian dishes from the Marche region.

The nicest about this restaurant is that they come to your table with their fresh products and explain all, which make it difficult to choose! Will it be fish or meat?  The fish is delicious but also the exclusive dishes from the region are definitely worth a try.

The interior is quite minimalistic with large displays with imported delicacies. The outdoor terrace is on one of the nicest streets of Vinohrady! 

La dolce vita!

Address: Namesti Miru 6 Praag 2 - Vinohrady

Tel: + 420 222 713 222