Bonjour Paris!

Created on 17-03-2019

Bonjour Paris!

My first trip was to Paris to do my first purchases. I went well prepared, at least that's what I thought. I decided to go by car and took some coffee & sandwiches along. First, I wanted to visit all the hotspots and treasures in La Belle Paris. Piece of cake was my thinking and before I knew I entered the “Arrondisiment 1”. And how!

I was in the middle of traffic when I found that I was not behind but before the traffic light at that incredibly busy roundabout. My stress levels went through the roof! Two Frenchmen in the car behind me started to smile saying "Welcome to Paris ;-)". At least that's what I thought because I was lip-reading. The only thought I had was “hey, they speak English here”. Hilarious for them, not for me. I felt like driving Monaco grand prix with my life being in continuous danger! The worst of all, I still didn’t know whether the traffic light was green or red, so I just drove ...

"What happened with my budget?!"

After 2,5 hours driving around the city centre looking for a parking spot, I ended up in probably the most expensive parking in Paris. Anyhow, I made it and I found a parking, so I went for a coffee to calm my nerves. "Madame, 15 euro please”. What???? There goes my budget! Okay, even this should not spoil the fun, I am here with a goal!

There are a few cities in the world that are very inspiring, Paris is certainly one of them. One hour later, I was enjoying this beautiful city, with its amazing shops, great restaurants, unbelievable museums and of course the Eiffel tower. Paris has the vibe, you get great new ideas and you always want to come back for new inspirations.

All those well-dressed Parisiennes, how they do it, I don’t know, but for sure style is deep in their genes.

Finally, at the end of the day, mission successfully completed, so I went home, entirely satisfied. Fortunately getting out of Paris was way easier…

Travelling is not always easy but I myself enjoy other cultures to the maximum and all the beautiful things the word has to offer. Next time i will take the Thalys ... better for my nerves.

Hopefully you will visit my website regularly and hope you’ll be as enthusiastic as I am. So here we go, let’s start!

With love, Coco

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